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Men, I Got A Pet Peeve

Posted on November 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

I spent a lot of time sitting at Starbucks.

Sometimes I sit near the entrance where the bathrooms are located. One door is marked “women” and the other is marked “men.” Each bathroom can only accommodate one person, and has a lock on the door. I observe the comings and goings around that bathroom. Many people walk into the Starbucks off the street, they are not customers.

If you are women you usually wait for the person to finish in the bathroom. One thing women are guilty of, no matter which establishment you go to:

When you are in the bathroom they are inpatient. There you are sitting on the toilet, and here comes the first knock. Knock, Knock and the turning of the door handle. Sometimes they will pull on the handle to make sure they weren’t hallucinating and the door is really locked. What irritates me is they will start the four or five knock. Knock, knock, knock, knock. The will do it really fast, and then twist the handle once again. Knock, Knock, knock.

I would yell,” someone’s in here!”

They are either stone death or just idiotic. The one thing (I got to pat you ladies on the back) they will not do, is go into the men’s bathroom. I watched this phenomenon for months. Doesn’t matter if there’s a lock on the door, women do not like using the men’s bathroom. Men on the other hand can be so vulgar and indifferent. Guess it comes from that mentality of getting the job done. You ask them for help, (like pushing your car) and they tear the spoiler off and causing $30 worth of damage, but the car was moved.

One day I was at Wimco grocery store, and went to use the bathroom. Wimco has an open doorway bathroom that houses around 4 to 6 bathroom stalls. Here I am at the sink washing my hands, and out walks a guy from one of the stalls. He is around twenty something. I was flabbergasted, and did not have a word to say. I have had my shoes peed on by a four foot Asian lady (I guess she couldn’t reach the toilet), I have walked into a stall that had a pile of manure on the floor (Left by a 6-foot Caucasian women, who was to tall to squat), but a man in the bathroom with me? I think that beats the cake.

What does this idiot say after laughing? “Oh, I thought this was the men’s bathroom.”

Last time I looked there are metal boxes for disposal of tampons in each stall, how could he miss that? Sounds like a pervert in training, and he got off of going into the women’s bathroom.

At Starbucks if the men’s bathroom is occupied, they go into the women’s bathroom. It clearly says “women” on the door, so there is no confusion. No matter what race or creed, they all do this. I was having this discussing with someone, only I call her “Tito”, and I insisted only the men do this. She disagreed, but I had months of observation to back up my claim. I have to ask, how many women end up on You Tube because of some peeky hole, or camera found in the bathroom? Or how many children are molested because some sexual deviant is wandering around in a no mans zone.

She calls me a “trouble Maker”

My sometimes casino hang out buddy, Cheap Steve, complains they put a non-smoking sign at the counter because someone complained. Me?

Do you know how many employees complained about the, disrespectful, nasty-smokers? Plenty did, I did them a favor, because I am the customer. If you smoke and keep breaking the very “few” rules they have for you, and being inconsiderate to others, you are not going to be able to smoke anywhere. Don’t blame me, blame your smoking buddy.

Cheap Steve and I were sitting at McDonalds last week, and I was fussing, because he wouldn’t spend $1.00 to get me a cup o coffee! He wanted me to drink out of his “germy” cup he had just used and was still using. (He is so freaken cheap!) I watched as people came in and out o the bathroom. Not because I was on bathroom watch, but my seat was facing that way. I was minding my own business. This particular bathroom had two toilet stalls. One guy was waiting outside for one of the two guys to come out of the men’s bathroom. A second guy walks into McDonald, from off the streets, and was told the bathroom was occupied.

What does this idiot do? Do I have to even tell you? He pokes his head into the women’s bathroom, and slides the remainder of his body into the women’s bathroom.

No, I did not go ballistic, but I did have something to say before I got up and headed for the counter to grab me a manager. Cheap Steve, rolls his eyes at me, and says, ” I should have known.” I shot him a dirty look. It took the manager a few seconds to decipher what I was saying, and wasn’t leaving until they dropped what ever they were doing to come and investigate. The manager asked me is the guy still in there, and I told her yes, so she pokes her head in there and tells the guy he is not allowed in the women’s bathroom, and to please leave.

I sat back down in my seat to watch, and the sexual deviant comes out of the bathroom. At least, 7 pairs of eyes were looking at him, including my glaring eyes. I had to massage my jaws; because I had clenched my teeth so hard I think my jaw locked up. The manager walks past me and mutter ” That’s Nasty.”

You think not? Unfortunately, many people think that it’s OK for a man to go into a women’s bathroom. Then again people think its OK to let their 5-year-old go to the bathroom by himself or herself, because they are only five feet away. Did you check the bathroom?

I am suffering from sensory overload, and I starting to think aliens kidnapped me.

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Augh!

Who are you trying to convince? This lax attitude is the great apocalypse. I don’t want to pretend something is normal, when its not.

  • Gay pastor marrying gay people – What does the bible say about this?
  • Guys getting sex changes, and then with their partner deciding they are going to get pregnant to have a baby –Men cannot have babies,,right?
  • Legalized Weed – Federal Government doesn’t agree
  • White Kids with flying saucers in their ears and dreadlocks – Isn’t that A tribal/cultural thing?
  • Men Purses – 1980’s for those that don’t remember – They called it something else and got angry with you if you did not use the right term. Hey I was there

Some of us grew up with that one weird guy in the neighborhood that made us laugh. He would urinate in the bushes and laugh and we would laugh and say that is disgusting, but praying that he outgrows it. If not, the next step on the journey, flasher.

Things that appear normal are the great builder and prediction of future events— to come. I don’t think it’s a good ideal to ignore something because its not your problem, causes no harm, or no big deal. If the devil is a great deceiver and liar, he has many people fooled and asleep on the job. I am not psychic, I am intuitive and I see a man using the women’s bathroom is not acceptable on any levels. Unless, it says Men/Women.

What do you think?

Rebecca P